What's new?

Customer Orders > Unit Deals - Financed Deals

We have made quite a few changes to Financed Deals - too many to list here 

Full details of the changes can be reviewed from this article - How to Add Deal Financing and Pay with Financing on a Unit

These changes had been the request for quite a few of our Dealerships

Please take the time to go through the changes and if you are unsure, please reach out to your Blackpurl Support team with your questions

Deal Trade Plate Transfer 

We now provide the option to transfer the plate / registration# from the trade in to the newly purchased unit

Users will notice a new section in the Trade In section on a Unit Deal

Please note that this option is not available on Trade In only Customer Orders


Insurance Information on Unit Deals 

We now provide the user with the option to record the customer's vehicle insurance information on unit deals

These field are 40 characters long and are free text 

Any details typed in these fields will appear on the Bill of Sale and Offer to Purchase 

Just leave the fields blank if you don't want to record the information 

Deal Financing Company Details now shown on Deal Documents 

For Customer Order > Unit Deals - Finance, finance companies account number and phone number will show on the Bill of Sale and Offer to Purchase documents

The details will generate from the Vendor Record for the Finance Company 

Dealer number for forms

We have provided a new field in System Settings > Settings & Controls - App Settings - Dealer Number 

The Dealership can store their Dealer Number in this field for use on Dealer Forms (as required) 

What's Improved? 

  • Improved - timezone dropdown in the app setting from setting and control page
  • Improved - how the customer order section expand/collapse behaves 
  • Changed - the vendor order export format for BossWeb to no longer have decimal places on the quantities
  • Correction -  made for FX/LCA to handle other negative charges on vendor invoices. Also corrected model window to show inventory cost calculation
  • Resolved - an issue with the Active Unit Deals report where it was noting “multiple units” when there was only one unit being sold
  • Resolved - an issue in the Part count tool where in the issues to resolve it was not always showing the location supplied by the import file
  • Resolved - an issue where the Technician hours report would not load for a specific technician
  • Resolved - an issue encountered because a user was allowed to resolve an oversold in multiple browser tabs
  • Resolved - an issue where the vendor report would not provide the zip/postal code as an optional column
  • Resolved - issues encountered in unit receiving because we allowed the user to enter a stick number using BP’s stock number format.  They are now restricted from doing this
  • Updated - the status filters in the Workshop dashboard to now include all of the new service order status values. Also corrected a small UI issue
  • Resolved - a number of issues related to kits that were either UI related or were not determining the correct price depending on the type of transaction.  Also fixed an issue with modifying a kit item on a fixed price kit
  • Resolved - an issue encountered when bulk resyncing invoice payments
  • Updated - the handling of deal trade-in accounting to align with the proper use of the deal trade clearing account
  • Released - mapped forms for specific dealership.  Dealerships will be notified directly