This article will explain what is required from the Dealership if they wish to setup Preferred Payments integration

Preferred Payments is the third party partner Blackpurl uses for credit card processing integration  

Step 1 

Dealership will need to sign up with Preferred Payments - Blackpurl Credit Card Processing

Step 2 

Upon receipt of the application from the Dealership, Preferred Payments will contact Blackpurl with the Dealership's API credentials and also dispatch the terminal/s to the Dealership

Step 3 

Once the Dealership has received their terminal/s onsite, the Dealership will need to connect the terminal/s to their network with the instructions supplied by Preferred Payments. 

WARNING - Do not sync the terminals to Preferred Payments User Interface

Step 4 

After connecting the terminal/s, the Dealership will need to contact the Support team thru the Blue Chat Bubble on the lower right-hand side of the dashboard.  

The Support Consultant will request the following information;

  • Dealership Name
  • Contact Person
  • 6 character code displayed on the terminal screen
  • Name to be assigned to the terminal ie; Parts terminal or Service terminal etc

Step 5
Support will complete the integration and advise when complete.