Connection needs to be made using the Super Connector between Blackpurl and your ecommerce store 

This is the link to the relevant article - How to Install the Super Connector for Blackpurl and Shopify

After Connection has been established:

1.  Dealership needs to complete the following:

  • Create a new FEE for selling transaction which will be used in the event that there are any unidentified products in your Shopify

Any products available for sale on the Shopify Store must be linked via the correct Super connector protocol to ensure accurate data flow.  Should a product in Shopify not have the correct relationship, AND is purchased in Shopify, then a Customer Order  will open in Blackpurl with that part in the “unrecognized” part format and will show up under this FEE. The transaction will still exist and can be finalized, BUT the unrecognized part must be corrected first.

This is the link to the relevant article - How to Create a New Fee

  • It is recommend that you create a new Transaction Type just for your ecommerce store  so you keep track of the transactions.

This means each time a transaction comes over from ecommerce store to Blackpurl, it will automatically allocate the correct Transaction Type to it

This is the link to the relevant article (see Step 10 in the article - How to Setup Accounting Integration

  • Know what Payment Method you want to use for your Ecommerce Store Transactions in Blackpurl

2.  Once you have completed the three items above:

Navigate to System Settings > Settings & Controls - Shopify Settings

Complete the required fields with the information from Step 1 and then click >