This article will show how Dealerships have the ability to reopen Invoiced Customer Orders for all sections ie Unit Deals (including Deal Service and Deal Merchandise)Parts and AccessoriesService Jobs - Internal Third Party Pay (Warranty / Insurance Jobs) / Customer Pay etc


The user performing this action will need to have the User Permission - Reopen Finalized Invoice

To Reopen an Invoice 

  • Invoices that have been issued are available in the Invoice History section of a Customer Order (even if the Customer Order is actually closed)

  • Open up the Invoice History section by clicking on

  • Locate which Invoice you wish to reopen

(remember that some Customer Orders will have multiple invoices listing)

Then click on attached to the relevant Invoice line

  • Blackpurl will verify by doing system checks to ensure that the Invoice you have selected can be reopened

This verification doesn't take long and once the checks are completed you will need to have the green ticks next to the list of verification

Depending on the section where the Invoice is from ie Unit Deal / Service Jobs etc, will depend on what verification checks are made

An example of the verification checks is below:

**Please note that if any of the verification checks fails and you do not get all green ticks, then you will not get the option to reopen the Invoice selected.  Please read what the issue is and action the issue


  • To complete the reopening, you will need to confirm by clicking on

  • After you have reopened the Invoice, the end result will be:
    • Customer Order will reopen - if it was previously closed out
    • Any reference to the Invoice will be removed / deleted from both your accounting package and from Blackpurl
    • The status of the Customer Order section from which the Invoice originated will go back to a status that additional work can be completed

  • If you have multiple invoices on one Customer Order that you wish to reopen, you will need to do them all separately following the abovementioned process

  • It will be up to the Dealership to reinvoice when required