This report will show you a list of Vendor Receivings (VR) that have not been finalized

By changing the parameters you can also find any VR that have completed the full VO / VR / VO Process.  This is the link to the article that will explain the VO / VR / VI Process and why it is important to complete the process: 

Understanding the Vendor Ordering / Vendor Receiving / Vendor Invoices process (VO / VR / VI) / What can go wrong

Running the Active Receiving Reports using the defaults

We would suggest that this report is important to run at regular times to ensure that all Vendor Receivings (VR) are finalized

If the VR is not finalised, it will not show the part in stock to meet your customers requirements etc

To access this report - from the Blackpurl Header > Reporting > Reports > Active Receivings

The default for this report will show all VR that are in process for you to review and work out if they need to be finalized

Remember the parts on an in progress VR will not show in stock on the relevant Part Records, until the VR is finalised

Report on Vendor Receiving that are finalized BUT do not have a Vendor Invoice attached to it 

This report can also be changed to show you those Vendor Receivings (VR) that have not had a Vendor Invoice (VI) processed against it 

To track those VR that have not had a VI attached to it - run the report as normal but then change the parameter to see all VR that have the status to Stocked 

This will show you the VR that are stocked only 

If the full VO / VR / VI process has been completed VR should have the status Invoiced (not In Progress or Stocked)

If your dealership has accounting Integration - running the Active Receiving Report for the Status: Stocked should in theory balance out to your Receiving Inventory Accrual General Ledger in your accounting package