Blackpurl has 2 way texting (SMS).  This will not only allow Dealerships to send texts through Blackpurl but also receive incoming / reply text messages (SMS)


Dealerships will need to sign up for 2 way texting (SMS) by clicking on this link -

Your Dealership will then be allocated with a text number specific to your Dealership in order to do bi-directional texting with:

  • It should be noted that our bi-directional texting is that the Dealership must first send a text to the Customer in order for them to reply
  • Please note that your allocated text number can not be used by itself ie please do not hand it out to Customers for them to contact your dealership.  Our bi-directional texting only works when/if they are replying to the Dealership's text

Things Dealerships need to know:

Once you have been advised that Blackpurl has activated your 2 way texting, texting, there are a few things you need to know:

    User Permissions:

  • For each User that is required to have access to any reply texts, they will need to be setup with the User permission - View incoming text messages

    Accessing Replied Texts

  • Once Users have the relevant User permission to access replied texts, they can do so under System Settings > Messages
  • Note that there is an indictor if there are unread messages

  • This will take the User to their full list of ALL replied text messages 

                    A.   This section will list how many unread text replies that particular User has 

                    B.   List of this User - unread replied text messages and the details ie Name/Time Received / Message / Open COs

                    C.   List of Recently read messages for this User only

                    Tips:    By clicking on the the User can change the status of the replied text from read to unread etc

                                You can click on the relevant CO number and it will take you to that CO

  •  Please note:
  • Each User will be in control of their own Message list
  • Each and every replied text will list on all User's Messages list
  • If one User has read the replied text, it will show up as read but only on that User's list
  • It will still show as unread on the other User's Message list until they have also read it or marked it as read           
  • We would suggest that you develop / discuss who is responsible for the reply texts and/or who is actioning them etc



 Where to see Replied Texts in Blackpurl

  • From the Message list, you can click into the relevant Customer Order (CO) and it will take you straight to the CO or you can search for the CO in the normal manner
  • On the CO, there is a new section Text History 

  • Text History section will list all the relevant texts both outgoing and incoming
  • It will also allow you to Send a text 

    Text Templates:

  • We have text templates that are available for you to setup and use

            To access these templates or create your own templates - System Settings > Text message templates

  • Simply click on the + Create a template or if you are editing an existing template, click into it

  • Then complete the New text template 


                    1.   Template Name         Exactly what it says - give your template a name

                    2.   Type your message    Type what you want this text message to say

                                                            **You can add variables from the system ie Store Name etc, by clicking on "[" and                                                                          selecting the relevant variable 

                    3.   Character Count         Keep an eye on the number of characters you have used for this template

                    4.   Save                            Once you have finished your template, don't forget to SAVE

                    5.   Variables                     List of Variables that you can use in the body of the text in 2.   

  • To use a text template, when you click on Send Text from the Customer Record or from the Customer Order, the Send a Text window will load and you will have the option to Select a text message template