This article will show you how to select or deselect Payment Methods for use in Blackpurl as well as give details about the option of Charge on Account 

Payment Methods 

These are the current Payment Methods available for use in Blackpurl

  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Cheque
  • Gift Card
  • PayPal 
  • AfterPay 
  • Discover
  • PIN Payment 

The Dealership has the ability to select which of these Payment Methods they want to use in Blackpurl

1. From the Blackpurl Header > click on > System Settings 

2. From the System Settings Dashboard > Settings & Controls

3.  From the Systems & Control options > Payment Methods

4.  Using the toggle on each Payment Method to indicate if your Dealership wants it to be active or not in

your Blackpurl

If for the Payment Methods of Visa / Mastercard / Amex / Discover, the Dealership wants to setup an automatic surcharge fee payable by the customer upon payment by these methods, enable the toggle 

Then follow the setup of the Payment Method Surcharge using this article - Payment Method Surcharge - Setup / Where it is available in Blackpurl

5.  Once you have completed this, only those active Payment Methods will be available for selection in the

Deposit and Checkout sections of a Customer Order

For example - Checkout section below

6.  If your Dealership has Accounting Integration, you will also need to review the relevant General Ledger 

attached to your new Payment Method

It will automatically default to the same General Ledger as set on the Undeposited Cash 

This article will assist you with this - Undeposited Funds General Ledger - Blackpurl and Accounting Package (Xero and QuickBooks) 


For the Payment Method of AfterPay / PayPal, if you need further assistance on how to process the payments once they have been received into your Bank Account in your Accounting Package, please review our article - How to Process AfterPay / PayPal (Payment Methods) in your Accounting Package

Charge on Account

We also give Dealerships the option of Charge on Account

This means that the Customer is not paying for the Customer Order in Blackpurl but the Dealership want to issue an unpaid Invoice

If you do not have Account Integration - it will be up to the Dealership to chase down payment of this invoice

If you do have Account Integration - the invoice will integrate from Blackpurl to your Accounting Package as unpaid and sit on the Customer Record (Accounts Receivable)

Chasing up of the unpaid invoice will be done from your Accounting Package ie issuing Customer Statements etc

If the Dealership then receives payment of the Invoice in your Accounting Package, remember that the Blackpurl side of it, will not be updated

The invoice in Blackpurl will always say Charge on Account but if payments have been made by the Customer against the Charge on Account Invoice, the Blackpurl user will be able to see how much has been paid if the user reprint the Invoice in Blackpurl

It will list the Accounts Receiving balance of that Invoice on the reprint 

Restricting Charge on Account 

There is a System Setting that you can enable if you wish to restrict the use of Charge on Account 

To set up the restriction of the use of Charge on Account, navigate to System Setting > Settings & Controls > Shop Settings - Restrict use of Charge on Account by customer

When this is enabled, this means that the Blackpurl Customer Record MUST be marked YES to Allow Charge on Account to be an option in checkout for this Customer 

This can be changed on the Customer Record by clicking on and then select / deselect the relevant box

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