This article  will take you through changing the applicable tax on a Customer Order > Unit Deal and also the option of Deal Unit Tax Control 

Deal Unit Specific Tax Rates 

From time to time your Customer may purchase a Unit that needs a specific tax rate

Users have the ability to select a different applicable tax for each unit or trade in

In the Unit Deal section on your Customer Order, the user can now indicate if the Unit is Taxable and then select the applicable tax:

If the user does not change the details, it will automatically stay as the default - Taxable with the Applicable tax

Each new Unit Deal that is added to the Customer Order, will have this same feature

With Trade Ins, users will also have the ability to select if the Trade In is Taxable and select what the Applicable tax is:

User-added image

Deal Unit Tax Control Option

Users also have the option of deciding if the Applicable tax on a Unit Deal will also be used for ALL of the deal unit options 

For example - fees added to deal unit options currently control their own tax rates but if you enable this toggle these fees would also fall under the tax that is indicated on the Unit Deal