1. From the Blackpurl Header, click User-added image > User-added image 


User-added image

  1. The List of active unit vendors will populate in the Unit Orders screen

User-added image
  1. Roll your mouse over the relevant Vendor for the options available.
In our example we want to see how many Unit Orders are in Blackpurl for the Vendor: BRP so we have rolled our mouse over the relevant Vendor and the options are to:
  • VIEW - it will list any units that are currently on order with BRP; or
  • ORDER UNIT - this will allow the processing of a Unit Order

User-added image

As we are looking for a list of unit on orders, we have clicked on VIEW

  1. A list of Unit Orders will populate under two sections:
  • Active Orders - it will list any order that has not yet been receipted against
  • Order History - any order that has been receipted against or has been cancelled
User-added image

TIP: To drill into a particular Unit Order, click on the Unit Id.

To process a new Unit Order, please review our article - How to Process a Unit Order

To receive a Unit into stock, please review our article - How to process a Unit Receiving

To remove / delete an existing Unit Order, please review our article - How to Remove / Delete an existing Unit Order