There may be times that the Dealership may wish to cancel / delete / edit  a Unit Order and this article will explain how to do that

For examples many include:

  • Dealership has already created a Unit Order for a particular unit in Blackpurl but things have changed and the dealership no longer requires to order the unit

The unit on this Unit Order is also not attached to an open Customer Order Unit Deal

If the unit on the Unit Order is attached to an open Customer Order Unit Deal, then Blackpurl will not allow you to delete the Unit Order - you will need to swap out the unit on the Customer Order Unit Deal first

  • The user selected the wrong Vendor so an edit of the Unit Order is required so the correct Vendor can be selected


  1. From the Blackpurl Header > Order > 

  1. Click on the relevant Vendor tile to access the Unit Order screen 

  1. On the ACTIVE ORDERS tab > locate the relevant order line

  • To delete / remove > clickUser-added image

User-added image

Blackpurl will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete the Unit Order > click on User-added imageto confirm

User-added image

The order will now be removed from the ACTIVE ORDERS tab but you will be able to still see this Unit Order in the ORDER HISTORY  screen but note that the status of the Unit Order is now Cancelled 

User-added image

  • To edit as you may have selected the wrong Vendor or the figures may be wrong, click on the relevant order line 

Then click on 

It will open up the Vendor Unit Order for you to change and then

For example:

  • search for and add the correct Vendor
  • the wrong colour was added
  • the Dealership had the wrong category indicated etc