It may become necessary for Dealers to create and maintain multiple case drawers

For example:

  • The Dealer may have separate "point of sale" cash drawers (ie Merchandise section / Parts section / Service section) physically on the premises and each section looks after balancing their own till at the end of the day

  • By setting up each "point of sale" cash drawer as a separate Cash Drawer on Blackpurl, it will allow the end of day balancing to be a lot simpler to process


Setting up the Multiple Cash Drawers

Setup will only need to be done once or whenever you need to add an additional Cash Drawer

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click on User-added image > System Settings

User-added image

  1. From the System Setting Dashboard > click on User-added image

User-added image

  1. Blackpurl will be automatically have a default Cash Drawer Main cash drawer

User-added image

  1. To add new Cash Drawer, simply click on User-added image 

The Add a new drawer window will pop up for you to give the new Drawer a name and then click  on User-added image

User-added image

Complete this step for each new drawer that is required to be setup

  1. Once you have completed the setup, all cash drawers will list:

User-added image

Other Information

  • On each Cash Drawer you can see the status of the Cash Drawer ie Active User-added image

  • To edit, simply click on User-added imageand the Edit Cash Drawer window will pop up
    Once you have made your changes, don't forget to click on User-added image
User-added image
  • Once the multiple Cash Drawers have been setup, the first time each user clicks on User-added image on a Customer Order, they will be prompted to select to set their default Cash Drawer:

User-added image

Once they have selected their Cash Drawer, click on User-added image

  • Next time they use the Checkout section on a Customer Order, it will be automatically be set to their default Cash Drawer.  In our example below we set the default for this user to Parts Counter

User-added image

  • If the user moves around to different sections at your dealership, the user can change the cash drawer to suit by clicking on User-added image

User-added image

Handling of Multiple Cash Drawers

The handling and storing of multiple cash drawers on the database means that we need to preserve the browser cookies 

Depending on which browser you use, will depend on how you will need to preserve the cookies on your computer

Google Chrome

  1. From the Google Chrome menu in the top right corner of the browser - click  > Settings


  1. On the Settings page > click Advanced


  1. From the Advanced > Privacy and security section > select Site Settings

  1. Under Permission section > click Cookies

In the Cookies section > keep the same setting as displayed in the screen shot below

Make sure if at any time the user clears their browser history, they don't check the Cookies and other site data


  1. From the Firefox Tools menu in the top right corner of the browser > select Options

  1. From the Option menu, select Privacy & Security 

Then scroll to the Cookies and Site Data section:

A.  Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed - this checkbox should remain unchecked

Then scroll to the History section:

B.  Clear History - if you choose to clear your browser history, please ensure that the Cookies checkbox remains unchecked

For the other browsers, please click on this link - - to find out how to preserve the Cookies on your computer