Once you have received the items from the Vendor, a Part Receiving will need to be processed:
  1. From the Blackpurl Header - Click User-added image > User-added image

User-added image             
  1. The Select a Vendor window, will allow you to search for your Vendor.
As you type your search keyword, the system will start listing the search results that match.  In our example we are looking for the Vendor: Fred Smith Parts & Co so we start to type FRED as the keyword and the system will list any Vendor that matches your keyword > click on the Vendor to select. 

User-added image

  1. After selecting your Vendor, the system will automatically:
  • open a Vendor Receiving (VR) window
  • add the Vendor details
  • allocate a VR number
  • place your cursor in the Packing Slip field for you to type the relevant Packing Slip number  **this is a required field
  • it will also list any Vendor Orders that have not been fully satisfied and by default it will not have any Vendor Orders selected 
    • But if you wish to change this and have your Blackpurl to have the system auto-select ALL Vendor Orders, there is a System Setting that will allow this control.  Please review our article - System Settings > Settings and Controls

You can either use the search function to select specific Vendor Orders or just check the relevant checkbox against the Vendor Orders you are going to receive against     

  1.     For each line item you are receipting, check the relevant checkbox > then click on User-added image

*** If the list is very long, use the Find a Part search feature



The selected items then move to top of the Received section and it would be at this point that you would change the quantity received (if it differs from the amount you actually ordered) and modify the cost (this can also be done at the Vendor Invoicing stage).  

        5. To finalize the Receiving > Click on COMMIT RECEIVING

             User-added image

TIP: Before finalizing you may want to review the total section on the Vendor Receiving as it may be a guide to work out if you have missed something out of the Vendor Receiving

        6.  Once you have clicked on COMMIT RECEIVING, all items are now in stock

             This will allow you to finalize any relevant Customer Orders

            Please review our article – How to Finalize a Customer Order for a Special Order Part

        7.  Once you have received the Vendor Tax Invoice, you will need to match up the packing slip receiving to the

             Vendor Invoice.

             Please review our article – How to Create a Vendor Invoice (Reconcile Parts Invoice)