1. From the Blackpurl Header > Click User-added image > User-added image


 User-added image

  1. The Select a Vendor window, will allow you to search for the relevant vendor.
User-added image
As you type your search keyword, the system will start listing the search results that match.
In our example we are looking for the Vendor The Widget Factory and we start typing widget as the keyword > click on your Vendor name to select.

User-added image

TIP: To create a new Vendor > Click on User-added image   and follow the prompts to setup your new Vendor.

After selecting your Vendor, the system will automatically open a Vendor Order screen with the Vendor's information already loaded.            
  1. Let's have a quick rundown on the Vendor Order screen:
User-added image             

A.   Vendor Order Number has been issued 
B.   ACTION - this is where you can delete an open Vendor Order
C.   Vendor Details
       Tip: You can click on the Vendor's name in blue to take you to the Vendor Record      
D.   Order Type / Status of the Order / if the Order is Locked
Tip: Only the creator of the Vendor Order can lock a Vendor Order to stop another user from amending it.
E.    Search to Add - where you can search for more parts to add to the Vendor Order
F.    Notes area for adding free text to print out on the Vendor Order
For further information, review our article - Introducing - Notes section on a Vendor Order

G.  Click on User-added image and you will be able to Printed / Emailed / Exported the VO / Import File       
      For further information, review our article - Print / Email / Export - Vendor Orders
H.   If you click on User-added image- it will take you to E. so you can search for additional parts to add to the VO
I.    Click on User-added imageto order a part from this Vendor but the part is actually linked
to another Vendor    
  1. To add parts to the Vendor Order that are for stock, simply click on the User-added image.
The cursor will move to the  User-added image.
Just search for the relevant part/s that you want to add to this VO.    

TIP:  Please also take notice if part line items have a notification of supersession

  1. Once you have added all the Parts required for Stock, simply click on User-added image.

TIP: You can do a combination VO by having both Customer Special Order parts as well as parts required for stock.

For the next step - when the parts come into your business, they will need to be receipted into stock.

Please review our article - How to Receipt / Receive Parts into your Inventory (including Sublets)