1. From the Blackpurl Header click on User-added image > User-added image


User-added image  

  1. There are two options available:

User-added image

  • Import your Data
This option would be used when you are importing your own data into Blackpurl ie Customers list, Part Inventory, Vendor list etc.
Please contact our support team to assist you with this option.  
  • Export Accounting Data
The accounting data that needs to be exported to your accounting program will be generated and available in this option.
To generate the export files, click on  User-added image.

This will take you through a step by step guide on generating the exports:
  1. On the Export Selection section - click on User-added imageand select what format you want the files to be generated in:
User-added image

  1. Now select what accounting exports you want to generate by checking and unchecking the relevant checkboxes. 
In our example below we have selected Generic CSV File as our export format and we have selected to generate all accounting exports.

User-added image

Click User-added image to continue to the Export Filters section.
  1. From the Export Filters section, select time period to export records for. 
In our example below we have selected - All since last exported:

User-added image
Click User-added image to continue to the confirmation of your request.
  1. The Process Accounting Export window will pop up for you to confirm your request. To confirm click User-added image
User-added image
  1. Once the processing has been finalised, there is an ALL DONE message to confirm.

User-added image
Click on User-added image  to view the files and download.
  1. Any file that has been generated will now list on the Import and Export Data screen 
User-added image
For each generated file, there is the option of viewing > click on User-added image or downloading > click on User-added image

TIP:  For Exporting your accounting data to your accounting program to work, please ensure that you have the relevant General Ledger accounts setup in your Categories.  It is the Category that controls the General Ledger (GL) mapping between Blackpurl and your accounting program.