What is the DYMO Label Web Service? 

The DYMO Web Service is a programming interface designed specifically for label printing.
It allows Blackpurl to interface with the DYMO Label Writer 450 regardless of what browser is being used etc.   

How do I install the DYMO Label Web Service?

First, download and install the appropriate installer for your operating system:

For Windows

  • Once Downloaded, then install 


  • Then click on Download

  • Once Downloaded, then install


User-added image
  • Once Downloaded, then install

How can I tell if the DYMO Label Web Service is running? 

  • Windows
The icon should show in the system tray. If you right click on this icon, it will display the context menu. 

User-added image

If you don't see the icon, restart the web service again by navigating to the DLS working folder and running the executable named DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe.
  • MAC
The icon and context menu will appear in the system tray like this:

User-added image
If you don't see the icon,open a Finder window, navigate to the /Library/Frameworks/DYMO/SDK/ folder, and click on the DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.app icon or open a terminal prompt and enter the following command:   launchctl start com.dymo.dls.webservice