Laser Printers 

  • For printing Customer Invoices / Service Job Worksheets / Deposit Receipts on A4 paper etc
  • Just as long as your Laser Printer is installed on your device, then it should work in Blackpurl - Plug and Play concept
  • Blackpurl is setup for plug and play devices or wireless connectivity etc

 Receipt Printers

  • For printing receipts only ie Deposit Receipts or Customer Order Receipts - this is the link to the article - How to Print a Customer Order Invoice to a Receipt Printer
  • We support Epson TM T88V (238) - monochrome thermal line (no ribbon)
  • If you have a specific Receipt Printer that you wish to use, please provide us the make and model for us to review

 POS Barcode Scanners 

  • For the scanning of part barcodes onto the Blackpurl 
  • We support Symbol LS2208-SR200007R-NA (USB) and Motorola L14278-TRBU0100ZWR (USB and wireless)
  • If you have a specific Barcode Scanner that you wish to use, please provide us the make and model for us to review

 Barcode Label Printers 

  • For printing of barcode labels
  • We support Dymo LabelWriter 450 Label Printer.
  • We would recommend installing the DYMO Label Web Service. 
For further information, please review our article  DYMO LabelWriter 450 - Label Web Service
  • Label sizes recommendations:
Australian Dealers
USA Dealers

Canadian Dealers

TIP:  If you are finding that you can print in some sections of Blackpurl and not in others, please ensure that your window blocker is not stopping the print window from opening