This article will take you through the process of Dealership entering Stocked Units into Blackpurl Inventory 

This process is usually used when you are adding units at activation etc

**For those Dealerships with Accounting Integration - please be sure to read the Accounting Integration Note at the end of this article  

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click  User-added image  User-added image

User-added image 

  1. Complete the relevant details on the Add Stock Unit window and then click on User-added image

Note the mandatory fields that need to be completed - VIN / Make / Model / Cost


User-added image

Accounting Integration Note:

For those Dealerships that Accounting Integration, please be advised that this entry will generate a journal entry in your Accounting Package but will not create a Vendor Invoice document for you to pay on

The relevant transaction will be:

  • Debit to your Default Unit Inventory General Account
  • Credit to your Unit Adjustment Category General Ledger  

As an example in our Test Environment: