This article will show you how to stock a trade in unit prior to the finalization of the relevant Customer Order Unit Deal


Normally with Trade In units, these units are not stocked into the Dealership's Inventory until the Unit Deal is finalised

However in some instances it may become necessary for the Dealership to stock in the Trade In prior to the finalisation of the Unit Deal

For example:

The Dealership has a Customer Order Unit Deal that has a Trade In but that Unit Deal is not yet finalised and is not likely to be for some time

The Trade In unit has been sold to a Wholesaler and the Dealership needs to process a Customer Order Unit Deal for the Wholesale to purchase that Trade In

But the Dealership cannot process the new Customer Order Unit Deal until the Trade In unit is in stock

How to Stock in a Trade In Unit prior to the Customer Order Unit Deal being finalized:

  1. For this action to be available, on the Customer Order Unit Deal where the unit is getting Traded In:

  • the Unit Deal status must be

  • the user must complete all the relevant Trade In fields then click on User-added image

  1. The Stock in Customer Unit  confirmation window will pop up

Please READ the information on this pop up to understand the ramifications of stocking in the Trade In Unit prior to the finalization of the Unit Deal
User-added image

Then click onUser-added image to stock in the Trade In Unit OR click on CANCEL

  1. Once the Dealership has confirmed to stock in the Trade in, Blackpurl will give the unit a Stock Number and the unit will now appear in the Dealership's Unit Inventory
This will be reflected on the Trade In details as User-added image

User-added image
Once the Trade In unit has a Stock Number, it can now be sold and added to the new Customer Order Unit Deal

If you have Accounting Integration - Please read:

To allow this stocked in process to work, please ensure that you have Stocked Trade Clearing GL in your System Settings > Accounting Integration > Control Account

We would suggest that the dealership create a new Chart of Account General Ledger Account called “BP Deal Trade Clearing” in their accounting package

Remember if you add a new GL in your accounting package that you will need to resync the Chart of Accounts in Blackpurl

This new account will be used as part of a journal entry to record the unit being added to inventory

When Stocking in the Trade In - there will be a journal entry to your accounting package:

Debit - Unit Inventory GL

Credit - BP Deal Trade Clearing GL

Amount - for the ACV assigned to the trade unit

Once the Customer Order Unit Deal where the unit was traded in is actually finalised then the Deal Trade Clearing GL will be cleared out