This article is how to setup Product Locations for Parts in Blackpurl, how to run a report to list locations and also a report to list all parts without locations

We will also cover Locations for Unit Records 

Part Records 

How to setup Product Locations 

  1. From the Blackpurl Header, click on User-added image and then System Settings

User-added image
  1. From the System setting DASHBOARD > click on 

  1. Let's provide you with a rundown of the Product locations screen:

A. Search location - allows you to search for a specific location by typing the location name in

B.  To add a new location - type in your new location name on the Add new location line and then on your keyboard, hit ENTER

C. Once the locations have been created, they will list in this section

D. Should you wish to remove a location, find the relevant location and click on the User-added image

  1. Once your locations are setup, you can now assign locations to the relevant Part Records

Navigate to the relevant Part Record, then click on

From the Edit Merchandise window, add the relevant location/s by first clicking into the field Location and then search for the new location/s - don't forget to

User-added image

Report on Locations

  • All the Part Reports have the ability for you to add in the Location column by running the relevant Parts Report that you want and and then clicking  

For example:

Report on Parts with No Location 

We would also recommend running a no location or a no bin report to keep a track of those parts that have no location indicated on the Part Record

To run the report:

  • Click on Reporting > Reports > create a new report 

  • then click on then click on the drop down and the select Part

  • then click on and select Qty Available / Location / In Stock

  • then change the parameters to read:

Qty Available - Greater than 0

In Stock - Not Equal to 0

Location - no location assigned

  • and then click on

  • The end result will be a report that will list all the Part records that you have Qty Available and Stock on Hand but no location indicated

Locations on the Unit Record (Stocked Unit)

Location field on the Stocked Unit Record is a little bit different - it is a free text field so that the user can just type in a location 

Navigate to the relevant Unit Record > click on

From the Edit Stock Unit screen If the field is not listing, simply click on  then select Location

then select Location and it will add this field to the Edit Stock Unit screen 

This field is a free text for the user to type in whatever they need to type in - don't forget to

When running Stock Unit Reports, you can add in a Location column and whatever has been typed into the free text as Location, will list 

For example 

We have added a free text Location called Lot 2 on this Stock Unit Record

When we run a Stock Unit Valuation Report and add the column for Location, it will list the Location as per the free text information