This article will take you through basic troubleshooting with your Dymo LabelWriter Barcode Printer

Basic Troubleshooting

Check the following:

  • Have you connected the Dymo LabelWriter Printer to your computer?
A quick check is to print out a Windows Test Page to the Dymo LabelWriter Printer

If it fails to print a Windows Test Page then you will need to reinstall printer and driver

  • Is the Dymo LabelWriter Printer plugged in and power turned on?
Lights are on and it is ready to go


A quick check to see if the Dymo Label Printer has been installed and is running the relevant Software on the computer, is if the Dymo icon is showing in your task bar

User-added image

  • Label Feed Position - Have you loaded the labels correctly?

Use the guide on the printer to check if you have loaded them correctly - Example below:

User-added image
  • Make sure when loading the labels, you are not loading them with the label facing the wrong way
This would mean that you are printing on the backing of the label and not on the label itself

Yes - this is possible and we have had quite a few Dealerships do this

Font Size on Printed Label appears incorrect


  • User can print barcode labels from Blackpurl but the font of the printed information appears to be incorrect and/or the information is not sitting on the label correctly 

  • The printing is printing across multiple labels 


  • A common issue with font size occurs is when the Dymo software is installed but not running 

Verify that the Dymo software is running by ensuring that the relevant icon is in the task bar

User-added image

Click onto the icon and ensure that the service is running

If it is running - you will get the option to Stop Service 

  • Check that you are using the recommended Labels:
Australian Dealers
 US Dealers
 Canadian Dealers

Error Message - Dymo Framework Not Installed


  • When printing a barcode label, this message appears in the top right hand side of Blackpurl 


  • The Dymo Connect software is not running
Start service again by clicking on the Dymo icon in task bar > right mouse click and selecting Start Service

User-added image

We would also recommend that you also use the troubleshooting information contained in the User Guide for the Dymo LabelWriter Printer

If you need further assistance, please contact Blackpurl Support -