This article will take you through what a Shop Supply is and how you can setup your Blackpurl so that the Shop Supplies is automatically changed on a Customer Order

What is a Shop Supply?

Shop Supply is charged to the customer to recoup costs associate with the repair of the customer's unit

The Shop Supply relates to consumable items such as cleaners, top up oil or fluids, rags for clean up, solvents etc

These required items are purchased by the Dealer (usually in bulk) and are necessary to complete the repair properly and provide a good customer experience

Dealers may wish to have the cost of the Shop Supplies absorbed within the hourly labor rate that is charged to the Customer - that way the Customer does not see a separate charge on their Invoice OR Dealers may wish to charge a Shop Supply fee as a separate charge on the Customer's Invoice

Charging Shop Supplies on a Customer Order

Blackpurl has introduced the ability to charge the Shop Supply as a separate charge on the Customer's Invoice

We have allowed the ability for the Shop Supply to be:

  • calculated as a percentage of the Labor Total which may be capped at a certain amount

  • charged as a fixed amount  

This article will walk you through the setup for those Dealers that wish to charge a separate Shop Supply on the Customer's Invoice

Setup - How to charge a Shop Supply

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click on User-added image and select System Settings

User-added image
  1. From the Setting Settings Dashboard > click on User-added image


User-added image

  1. On the Settings & Controls menu, clickUser-added imageon the Shop Supplies tab to open up that section:


User-added image
  1. Work your way through the options available and make your selections:


Calculation Method
Use the User-added image to make your selection from:
  • Percentage of Labor Total 
  • Fixed Amount per hour 
  • Not Calculated  (No Shop Supply fee will be charged across the Dealership)

Supplies rate

  • If you selected Percentage of Labor Total in the first option, then in Supplies rate - you will need to key in what percentage you want to charge as Supply Fee
  • If you selected Fixed Amount per hour in the first option, then you will need to key in the amount you wish to charge as Supply Fee 

Maximum per service job

Key in an amount that you wish to cap the Shop Supply for each Service Job

This means that if you have multiple Service Jobs, each shop supply for each service job will be capped at this amount
Applicable Fee

This is automatically set to SS - Shop Supplies
Itemized by Labor Code

If you have multiple Labor lines on a Customer Order, do you want the Shop Supply fee itemized for each Labour line

  1. Once completed, click on User-added image

Turning On the Shop Supply Fee

The Dealership will need to modify each relevant Labour / Labor Code record that they want the Shop Supplies charged on

Navigate to the relevant Labour / Labor Code record > then click on

From the Edit Labor window, there is a new option - Calculate Supplies

Use the indicator to mark if the Shop Supply is to be charged each time this Labor Code is selected on a Customer Order

Once Calculate Supplies is engaged, the Dealer then has a Supplies Detail field available to type free text which will appear on the Customer Order explaining the Shop Supplies

Remember to User-added image once you have finished

Result - each time this Labor Code is added to a Customer Order, a Shop Supply will be charged

Please Note:

By design Blackpurl will not charge Shop Supplies on Internal Service Jobs