All signed up and ready to go? Great!

Our Blackpurl Sales Team will be handing off to our Blackpurl Activation Team who will be walking you through the activation process and keeping in contact with you throughout the whole process

What information will our Blackpurl Activation Team be asking from you........

  • Tell us about your Dealership -
  •  If you will be providing data for importing into Blackpurl from your current system (eg. list of customers, vendors, inventory etc) then this template - Data Template - will assist you to know what format and data requirements etc that we will need

But if you want to have more control and get your Blackpurl up and running by manually entering the information ie customers, vendors, inventory etc, you can do that too

Where to start......

Our Blackpurl Activation Team will be contacting you to arrange for a "kickoff" call so everyone is on the same page

Please ensure that the right people from your dealership are at that call

This will be the time to ask any setup questions and/or discuss any concerns that you may have

Then we will start to get the ball rolling - we will let you know when your Blackpurl has been created and when usernames have been created

Once you have username and have logged in, you can start setup and the first place to start is System Settings

System Settings are all the backend setups that need to be finalised before your Blackpurl is ready to go ie what is your tax rate / what your business name is etc

Where to find System Settings

User-added image

This is the full System Settings Dashboard and some of these items may not show up in your Blackpurl as they maybe location specific etc:

User-added image

Each section of the System Settings has articles that will assist you with setup.  Take your time and just work through each section:

TASK                                      LINK or INFORMATION
Accounting Integration
(if applicable)

Getting Ready for Accounting Integration - Xero

Getting Ready for Accounting Integration - QuickBooks

Brand Management
(if applicable)
What is Branding / How to Setup Branding in Blackpurl (Branding Management)

Business Profile

How to Access your Business Profile

Cash Drawers

Introducing Multiple Cash Drawers / Changes to the Implementation of Cash Drawers
Form Repository
Upload Forms for use in Customer Orders AND How to Add Forms to Customer Orders

Fusion Mapping (if applicable)This section is for our Harley-Davidson Australian dealership
These dealers will automatically receive assistance with the Fusion mapping

Linked Fee Management

What are Automatic Linked Fees / How to Setup Linked Fees
Linked Forms ManagementUpload Forms for use in Customer Orders AND How to Add Forms to Customer Orders 

Make and Model

How to Create or Amend - Make / Model / Sub Model

Product Locations

Product Locations 

Settings and Controls

There is quite a lot to cover with Settings and Controls so it has it own section article
This is the link to the section article - System Settings > Settings and Controls


Just another way to access our Blackpurl Support Knowledge Base for articles / videos
Tag Management
What is a Tag / How to Setup Tags

Tax Management

Tax Management - How to Create or Amend Tax Rates and Tax Codes

Text Message Templates

Text Message Templates

Unit Pricing and Options

Unit Pricing and Factory Options

User Permissions
What are User Permissions / How to Setup User Permissions


How to Add More Users in Blackpurl

Engaging your Staff

It is imperative that all your staff are engaged with changing over to Blackpurl and that all staff complete the relevant self paced online training for their particular role 

Our Activation Team will discuss your training options but your staff can sign up and start the online training right away