Our Honda Web API Integration is available in Australia only

It has passed the Honda testing and is currently with our pilot Dealerships


Honda Web API integration is now available with Blackpurl for the following APIs:

  • Part Inventory Upload
  • Service Data Upload
  • Submit Orders
  • Download Invoice Data


To enable this functionality, please email your request and provide the following details

1.    Dealer Number - As supplied by Honda

2.    Honda Vendor Code - This is the vendor code of Vendor: Honda in Blackpurl

Navigate to the relevant Vendor Record for Honda in your Blackpurl and provide the Vendor Code.
For example - the Vendor Code for the Vendor Record below is HON

User-added image 

3.    Web Key Number - As supplied by Honda

4.    Username and Password to the Honda API - this is how the dealership logs into the Honda site.
For the Part Inventory Upload and Service Data Upload, instead of the Dealership manually uploading it to the Honda site, Blackpurl will automatically upload the relevant data on your behalf but we need a Username and Password to be able to do this.

5.   Frequency of Upload of Part Inventory and Service Data
How often the uploads are to automatically upload to the Honda API


  • Part Inventory Upload
Blackpurl will automatically upload all Honda Part Records which are currently in stock to the Honda API at scheduled times.  
  • Service Data Upload 
Blackpurl will automatically upload service data information on service jobs on Honda Units that have been invoiced.  The upload will be set to run at scheduled times etc.
  • Submit Vendor Order
Dealerships will be able to submit a Vendor Order direct to Honda from Blackpurl for Daily orders and Stock Orders

For Campaign orders the Dealership will still need to be manually enter the items onto Honda website in their Campaign ordering section.  This is because Honda does not provide the option of automatically uploading / importing Campaign orders

What is the Process:

Dealerships will create a Vendor Order for Honda as per the normal process but when the user clicks on SUBMIT ORDER, they will get the option of Send Order to Honda?

User-added image

Click on the User-added image if you want to change the type of order you are submitting to Honda from the default Daily order to Stock order or Campaign order

User-added image

  • If the User selects Daily order OR Stock order and then clicks on User-added image - this icon User-added image will appear
It indicates that the Vendor Order is getting processed and uploaded direct to the Honda API.

You will receive this confirmation User-added imagethat the Vendor Order has been uploaded successfully to Honda

The Vendor Order status in Blackpurl will also automatically change to Submitted
  • If the User selects Campaign order and then clicks on User-added image the status in Blackpurl will also automatically change to Submitted 
The User will still need to manually enter in their Campaign order items onto the Honda website

  • Download Invoice Data 
The Dealership will be able to download the Invoice data directly into a Vendor Receiving.

The Dealership will process ORDER > PARTS RECEIVING for relevant Honda Vendor.

This will trigger the Honda API to provide the Dealership with a list of Invoices available for download.

If there are no available invoices then you will get the message "No Invoices available from Honda" and will be able to continue with the normal processing of a vendor receiving.

If there are Invoices available, the user will get the option of Select an Invoice from the drop down.

The drop down will populate will all the Invoices available for download and the user is to select which Invoice they wish to download into their Vendor Receiving.

User-added image
Once the user has selected one of the Invoices from the list, a Download Invoice action will begin and all line items of the Invoice will download into the Vendor Receiving.

The user can then finalise the Vendor Receiving as per the normal process.

If you have any questions, please email our Blackpurl Support Team at

If you would like to be part of our pilot group in North America, please email our Blackpurl Support Team at