This article will take you through the Stock Units Report

This report can also be used when you are balancing out your Blackpurl Unit Totals to your Accounting Package General Ledgers (Categories) or your Floorplan account

How to Run the Stock Units Report


  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click on Reporting - Reports
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  1. Run the Stock Units Report - Common Search > Product > Stock Units

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The report result will be all stocked units that are available or reserved in Blackpurl

This is a good time to add / remove any columns by clicking on 

For example:
- If you are balancing out your Blackpurl Stocked Unit totals to your Accounting Package, we would recommend you add the new columns - Total Cost and Category 
- If you want a report that will list all Stocked Units to match them off your Floorplan documentation, then this report would be a good place to start 

For further information on Blackpurl Reports, please review our article - Reporting Tips - Totals / Changing Columns / Changing Parameters / Exporting Search Results