1. From the Blackpurl Header > Click User-added image > User-added image


User-added image

  1. The Select a Vendor window will allow the search of the relevant Vendor:
User-added image

As you type your search keyword, the system will start listing the search results that match.

In our example we are looking for the Vendor Smith and Co, we type in smith as the keyword > click on your Vendor name to select
User-added image

After selecting your Vendor, the system will automatically open the Vendor Return screen and add the Vendor's details to it.

  1. There is now two options to add parts to this Vendor Return:
  • Returning Parts to the same Vendor as listed on the Parts Record.  If so, click > User-added image
  • Returning Parts to a different Vendor then what is listed on the Parts Record.  If so, click > User-added image
Select the option that is relevant.
Both options will take you to the Search to Add field for you to start searching for the parts to add to this Vendor Return.

User-added image


  1. In our example we are returning Part#1234ABC Brake Pad x 2 to the Vendor as per the Part Records so we click on User-added imageand in the Search to Add field, search for the relevant part > click to select.  
User-added image

The system will then add the part to the RETURN section of the Vendor Return.

Type in the RETURN QTY and change the ITEM COST (if applicable).

User-added image
If you have other parts to return to this Vendor on this Vendor Return, complete Step 3 again.


  1. Currently the status of the Vendor Return is In Progress.
In Progress status means that line items can be added, modified or removed and that on the Part Record the quantities will show as committed, making them no longer available to sell.

User-added image

  1. If you have submitted your Vendor Return request to the Vendor > Click on User-added image.
This will change the status to Submitted.

In the Submitted status, line items can no longer be added to this Vendor Return.
However users are still able to modify quantities / cost or remove any line item altogether.
  1. Once the Vendor has approved the Vendor Return and provided you with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, enter the number in the RMA# field in the Info section of the Vendor Return and then click on User-added image.  


User-added image

This will change the status to Approved.

Approved status means that line items can no longer be removed and only the line items cost can be altered.
When set to this status, the In-Stock has now reduced by the quantity sent back using the RMA# as the reference number on the Cost Tracking Activities on the part record.

Dealerships with Accounting Integration: 
  • It is also at this point the accounting integration journals will be generated to the accounting software.
  • Debit - Inventory Accrual account (dealership is still waiting for a credit memo from the Vendor  so until the Vendor Credit Note is received, the entry will sit in this clearing account).
  • Credit - relevant Inventory account (dealership is returning goods so reducing your inventory value).

To process to the next step a Credit Memo will be required.
  1. Once you receive the Vendor's Credit Memo, enter the relevant number in the Credit Memo# field in the info section of the Vendor Return.  
Check the cost of each line item (remember the Blackpurl Vendor Return total and the hard copy of the Credit Memo should match) and then click on User-added image

User-added image

The status of this Vendor Return is now Credited.

This means that the line items can no longer be modified or removed and that the dealership has received and processed the Credit Memo from the Vendor with the final cost values now confirmed.

Dealerships with Accounting Integration:
  • Once the status is Credited, the relevant entries will be processed into the accounting software ie Vendor Accounts Payable document (Credit Note).
  • Debit - Accounts Payable for the Vendor's Credit Note.
  • Credit - Inventory Accrual account  (This account should go back to zero as it is a clearing account only).
***You will not have to process the Vendors Credit Memo into your accounting software as the accounting integration has done this for you.


It may become necessary to run a report to show a list of Vendor Returns.

By running this report on a regular basis you can ensure that your Dealership is process / finalising and received all relevant documentation ie Vendor Credit Notes in a timely manner.

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > Reporting > Reports - Common Search > All Vendor Orders
User-added image

  1. As we only want a report on Vendor Returns, we need to change the parameters to suit.
To change the parameters > click on User-added image and in the Contains filter, type in RTN

User-added image

Tip:  We would recommend that you run the report for specific status/es by changing the Status filter to suit.

For example:
  • In Progress status - Dealership is still processing the Vendor Return.
Part quantities are showing as committed on the Part Record.
Vendor Returns should be processed in a timely manner.
If a Vendor Return has been In Progress for a while - you will need to chase up the relevant user to find out why the Vendor Return has not progressed.  
  • Submitted status - Dealership has submitted the Vendor Return details to the Vendor but the Dealership is still waiting on the approval from the Vendor to return the parts.
Part quantities are still showing as committed on the Part Record.
If the Vendor Return has been in Submitted status for a while, the user should be chasing up the Vendor to get approval to send back the parts.
  • Approved status - Dealership has received the Approval to return the parts to the Vendor but the Dealership is still waiting on the Vendor Credit Memo/Note
Part Record has been updated to reduce inventory and if the Dealership has Account Integration a journal to reduce Inventory has been integrated to the accounting package
If the Vendor Return has been in Approved status for a while, the user should be chasing up the Vendor to send the Vendor Credit Memo/Note.
  • Credited - Dealership has finalised the Vendor Return process as the Vendor Credit Memo/Notes has been processed.
End of Process - no further action but this status is a great way to find Vendor Credit Memo/Notes that have been processed.
  1. Once you have changed the parameters to suit click on User-added image to generate the report.
User-added image
If you want to change the columns - click on User-added image
If you want to report on totals - click on User-added image
If you want to export or print the report - User-added image
If you are happy with the layout of the report and want to use it next time - click on User-added image

For further information on Reports, review our article - Reporting - Where are the Reports?