This report will allow you to see how much your part valuation is worth at the time of running the report

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > Reporting > Reports

User-added image

  1. Run the Part Valuation Report  - Common Search > Reporting > Part Inventory Valuation

The report result will list all Parts with stock on hand (or overstock) in Blackpurl at this point in time

Just a few tips for you:

  • You can change the parameters as required by clicking on  
For example if you are running this report as part of your Data Emergency Plan (see this article - Operating during Power or IT Infrastructure Failure) you will need to change the parameter to: Qty Available: Greater than zero

  • This is a good time to add / removing any columns by clicking on User-added image 
For example if you are  balancing out your Blackpurl Parts Valuation totals to your Accounting Package, we would recommend you add the column - CATEGORY

  1. If you need to export or print > click on User-added image

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TIP:  If you are balancing Blackpurl to your Accounting Package, we would recommend that you Group Records By: Category as this will allow you to compare the Part Inventory General Ledger (which is attached to the Category) to  the relevant General Ledger in your Accounting Package

  1. Once you are happy with the layout of the report etc, we would recommend that you save it as a CUSTOM search by clicking on User-added image

For further information on Blackpurl Reports or Reporting Tips - please review our articles - Reporting - Where are the Reports? or Reporting Tips - Totals / Changing Columns / Changing Parameters / Exporting Search Results