We have introduced a report that will assist Dealerships in keeping track of and chasing up Special Ordered items on Customer Orders

From the Blackpurl Header > Reporting > Reports > Common Search > Special Order Summary

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The basic search result will list all Customer Orders with Special Orders for all statuses:

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By changing the parameters to report on specific Special Order Status (SO Status), it will allow the Dealership to be really proactive in chasing up Vendors / placing orders or even contacting the customer to tell them all their items are in stock

To change the parameters - run the report and then click on User-added image and change the SO Status to what you want to report on and then click on User-added image

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For example:

The Dealership wants to contact any Customer that has special ordered items that have been received into stock - the following parameters would be needed.  Don't forget to click on APPLY after making your change:

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Once the updated report has generated, the Dealership can:

  • Review the CO by clicking on any of the blue CO#.  Maybe the dealership can finalise the CO or contact the customer to tell them that the items have been received etc.
  • Add or remove columns by clicking User-added image 
  • Print or export the list by clicking User-added image
  • Saves the report for next time by click on User-added image

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For further information on reports or tips, please review our articles - Reporting - Where are the Reports? 

and Reporting Tips - Totals / Changing Columns / Changing Parameters / Exporting Search Results