This article will just explain a bit about how Blackpurl does reporting 

Where are the Reports?

Blackpurl is a little bit different as we are not going to provide you with an endless list of reports - some you will never need or even use

There are two options - use our templates or create your own reports

Option 1 

We have supplied you with a list of basic search templates

From these basic templates you can change them to give the search results that you want to see which will also allow you to turn them into reports specific to your Dealership
  1. From the Blackpurl Header > Reporting > Reports

User-added image

  1. You have successfully navigated to the Sidebar Search feature

Let's give you a quick run down....

User-added image

1.  Sidebar Search - This is where you can do a search of the Sidebar Searches. Type in a keyword 
and it will list all saved searches that fit the keyword
2.  Favourite Search - If you have searches that you do on a regular basis, you can save them as a 
favourite. This is where your favourite searches can be accessed

3.  Common Search - This is where our basic template searches are listing
4.  Custom Search - Users can develop searches to suit their requirements – customise them to what 
you want to see and then save them for next time as a Custom Search using the Save As (5.)

  1. Click User-added image next to the Search Options and it will list the searches under that heading
For example:
  • If I click on the User-added image next to COMMON SEARCH, it will list all the basic template searches saved under that heading:

User-added image

  • Click on the Search you want to run and the results will populate
The search result will generate with default parameters and the default parameters will differ between reports.

  1. Now you have the basics, let's see how to search for results and then turn those results into reports:

First work out exactly, what you are looking for

For our example - we want a report that lists all active customers to do an email blast so we would need a search to show Customer name / Email address / Status

We would start off by finding and running a basic template search for customer – Common Search > People > Customers and then you can change the columns and parameters to suit what you want to report on
  • Columns - Using the User-added image icon, you can select or deselecting the columns in the search result to meet your requirements.

 User-added image

For our email blast we want the search result to have the columns Customer Name / Email Address / Status so we would deselect and select the columns that we need 

Click on User-added image when you have made your column selections and the system will reconfigure your search results to have the columns you have requested

  • Parameters - You may only want to list those customers created in the last 30 days, so you will need to change the parameters of the search
Click on the User-added image to open up the parameter menu.

User-added image

From the menu you can change the parameters ie Customer Created in the Last 30 days

Once you have changed a parameter, don't forget to click on User-added image

User-added image
The search result will reconfigure giving you new results that meet the change of parameters

Option 2 

Create your own reports from scratch

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > Reporting > Reports

User-added image

2.  Then click on

3.  An open parameter box will appear for you to make your selection on what you want in your report

Start from the top - what Type of report do you want to see - using the down arrow to open up your options and then just checkmark your selection 

Depending on what you selected in Type will depend what other parameters are available 

For example I selected Customer Invoices so I have these further parameters I can use

Work down the parameters and make your selections ie date filter / who owners the Customer Invoice etc 

Then click on

4.  The report based on your parameters will generate 

Then if you want to select and / or deselect columns that you want to see in the report  - click on

5.  If you want to save this same report for next time, click on  and give your new

report a name

Next time you want to run the same report, with the same parameters settings etc, it will be down in the Custom Search section

What can we do with these search results

  • We can turn the search results into full reports by using these icons   User-added image

    User-added image

Summary Total icon will allow you to do column totals.

User-added image

Export / Print icon will give you the option of exporting or printing your search results etc.

User-added image

  • Scheduled Reporting 

Some of the Reports are available for Scheduling

This means that you can setup the scheduling and that the report will automatically run and then automatically email out to you at a certain frequency

This article will cover how to setup the Scheduling - Reporting - Scheduled Reporting

If you do not have access to Reporting or it is greyed out, this means that you do not have the correct User Permission. Please review our article - User Permission - Reports and have a chat to your Manager to obtain permission

For further information on Reporting, please review our article - Reporting Tips - Totals / Changing Columns / Changing Parameters / Exporting Search Results