To reconcile what your Blackpurl indicates is the total of Customer Deposits held against what your Customer Deposit General Ledger in your Accounting Package says 

In theory they should match!

How often should you do this reconciliation

It is recommended that you perform this reconciliation every month

If this process is done on a regular basis, the Dealership knows that the Customer Deposits are correct and if there are any issues, they can be picked up and corrected straight away

Understanding what Customer Deposit General Ledger actually is

It is the value of all unused deposits on Customer Orders in Blackpurl 

At any time you should be able to see in both Blackpurl and your accounting package how much you hold as Customer Deposits

Important information:

It is a true clearing account and is controlled / managed by Blackpurl 

Blackpurl will control both the debits and credits coming in and out of this General Ledger 

To prevent reconciliation issues you should never post entries manually/directly into the accounting package which affects the Customer Deposit General Ledger account

Also as part of what should be your standard practices in your accounting package, you should never modify or delete a transaction or journal entry that was generated by the integration

If you need to change something that the Blackpurl integration posted into your accounting package, make the correction in Blackpurl instead

What you need to reconcile:


From the Blackpurl Homepage, you will notice that it will list the total Customer Deposits that the Dealership is currently holding:

If you click on that total, it will then generate a Customer Deposit report that will list Customers / Customer Orders / Amounts that make up this Customer Deposits total

Why not setup scheduled reporting - that way you can schedule the relevant Blackpurl report to automatically run at a specific date / time and email direct to a Blackpurl User 

This article will explain how to do it - Reporting - Scheduled Reporting

Accounting Package - Xero or QuickBooks Online 

At the same time run a Balance sheet from your Accounting Package as of the “reconcile date” which will give you the balance of the Customer Deposit General Ledger  account 

To know which General Ledger you need to check, review this field:

System Settings > Accounting Integration - Control Account - Customer Deposits

In our example below, the General Ledger that we would be balancing out to is - 1010 BP Customer Deposits 

Once you know which General Ledger to review in your accounting package, take notice of the balance of that General Ledger 


Then simply compare the totals from Blackpurl Customer Deposit Report that you just generated to your Balance Sheet > Customer Deposit General Ledger

What if there is a variance between Blackpurl and the Customer Deposit General Ledger:

If both the Customer Deposit total in Blackpurl and the Customer Deposit General Ledger matches, then no further work is required

If it doesn't balance, the dealership will need to work out why it doesn't balance ie maybe someone has manually added a new transaction into the Customer Deposit General Ledger OR manually changed a figure etc

Things for the Dealership to check if it doesn't balance:

  • Has someone processed a manual transactions directly to the Customer Deposit General Ledger?

  • Has someone changed/modified an integrated transaction from Blackpurl?

  • As you should be balancing this General Ledger on a regular basis, check each transaction from the last time the Dealership balanced out

If you still cannot find the cause then it might be possible for the Blackpurl Support team to look at the daily logs in the backend of your Blackpurl and tell you which individual day/s reported a change in variance - then at least you will have a date frame as to when the variance happened for you to investigate further