This article will cover the Workshop Dashboard - what it is / how to access it and what it will show

What is the Workshop Dashboard

Blackpurl's Workshop Dashboard enables your Dealership to offer exceptionally high levels of customer service as from one screen you can easily see how all of the Service Jobs are progressing at any time from any device

For example

You will be able to see from the Workshop Dashboard when jobs are running over / what Service Jobs your technicians are currently working on / how much allocated time is left etc

This will mean that you are always in the know with what is happening with your Service Jobs so that you can also keep your customers up to date

For a Service Job to appear on the Workshop Dashboard, the requirements are that:

  • it must be an open Service Job (not in completed or invoiced status) and the Service Job must have a scheduled appointment tied to it which starts on or before today's date
  • the Service Job contains hours logged entries

Accessing the Workshop Dashboard


  • From the Blackpurl Header > Reporting > Workshop Dashboard

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  • From the Blackpurl Header > Schedule - Dashboard

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Reviewing the Workshop Dashboard

Let's review the Workshop Dashboard screen itself - what it shows / how to read it etc:

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Each tile represents one Service Job and these are all the Service Jobs that are currently in your

Blackpurl that meet your filter requirements (B. and C.)

The default filters for the Workshop Dashboard are All Job Types (B.) and All Open Jobs (C.)

The green shaded tiles indicate that these Service Jobs have a technician currently job clocked onto them
These tiles will always be shown first in the Workshop Dashboard so at a glance you can see what Service Jobs your technicians are currently working on

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All other Service Job tiles will list in alphabetical order by First Name than Surname

This is your Job Type filter - By changing the filter, you will be able to select the different Job Types that you want to show your Workshop Dashboard - just check or uncheck as required

The list of Job Types will be the Service Job Types that your Dealership currently has in your Blackpurl

In our example below - this Dealership that has quite a few Job Types in their Blackpurl and they want their Workshop Dashboard to show All job types:

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You can further sort your Workshop Dashboard to show only Service Jobs with a certain status.

ie Ready or New


Click in the relevant radio boxes to make your selection of what status you want to see on your Workshop Dashboard

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Click  to refresh the Workshop Dashboard at any time

The Workshop Dashboard will automatically refresh every 15 minutes - if you want it to refresher quicker ie every 5 minutes, send an email to and we can make that adjustment for you

If you are finished with the Workshop Dashboard, click on User-added image to exit out of the Workshop Dashboard and back to Blackpurl


What does each Service Job tile show you at a glance:

User-added image

This is the Customer Name on the Service Job


What the Customer Order Number and the Service Job title


What is the Job Type of the Service Job is ie Deal or Customer Pay


This indicates how much allocated time has already been used

ie 42% of the allocated time has been used or a total of 34 minutes a technician has job clocked onto this job for


How much time was originally allocated to Service Job ie 1 hour to do the job and being charged to the customer


How much time has already been Job Clocked onto that Service Job


How much time was Job Clocked today


Percentage of allocated time has already been used

If you do not have access to Workshop Dashboard or it is greyed out, this means that you do not have the correct User Permission.  Please review our article - User Permission - Workshop Dashboard and have a chat to your Manager to obtain permission