The Part Movement Reporting will allow the user to report on the changes in part inventory levels for a specific month or date range

  1.  From the Blackpurl Header > click on Reporting > Reports

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  1. From the Common Search > Reporting > Part Movement

The Part Movement Report is the only report that will not provide you with a search result based on default parameters set ie date range etc

Instead the parameter selection box will automatic generate for the User to select the relevant parameters that they want

Select the relevant Custom Dates / Include Parts Without Activity? / Select Other Fields as required and then click on

3.  The search result will have automatic defaults for columns.  The default columns are:

  • Part Number
  • Description
  • Opening Value - this is the $ value at the start of the date range
  • Opening Qty - How many the dealership has in stock at the start of the date range (Open Stock On Hand)
  • Purchased Qty - The quantity that were purchased during the date range
  • Sales Qty - How many were sold during the date range
  • Adjusted Qty - If any parts were adjusted in or out during the date range (Stock Adjustments)
  • Closing Qty - How many were in stock at the end of the date range (Closing Stock On Hand)
  • Closing Value - This is the $ value at the end of the date range
  • Total Sales - This is the total sales $ value for the date range
  1. However if the default parameters and/or columns do not meet your requirements, they can be easily changed:
  • To change to new parameters click on User-added image and change any relevant parameters that you require ie date range or by specific part number etc
Remember to click on User-added image to accept the changes to the parameters which will then reload the updated search.
  • To change the columns on the search result, click on User-added imageand select or deselect the columns as required.  
Remember to click on User-added image to update the search result with your new column selections.

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  1. Click on User-added image if you want to see the Summary Totals
Remember you can also change the totals you want to see by clicking on See More Totals etc

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  1. If you want to Export or Print your search result > click on User-added image for the Export / Print options

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  1. If you are happy with the report setting, we would recommend that you save it so you can use it next time - just click on User-added image
You will be required to give the report a name and then next time this saved report will now be available to you in the Custom Search section

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