The Invoice Detail Report will provide you with a complete breakdown of all line items invoiced to a customer within the parameters given ie date range

It will allow you to see each invoiced line item - what was sold / who sold it / sold price/cost price/profit in $ / profit in %

Running  the Report 

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > Reporting > Reports and then click on Invoice Detail

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  1. The report will generate with the following default parameters:
  • Type:   Customer Invoice Detail
  • Invoice Date:  Last 7 Days
  • Sales Types:  All
  • Item Types:  All 

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Remember that you can change the parameters by clicking on User-added image

For example
  • you may wish to report on a specific Salesperson or a specific Sales Type or a specific date range, just change the parameters to suit

    **Please note that if you are changing the Invoice Date range to a Custom Date range, due to the volume of data, the system will not allow you to exceed the 30 days date range 

  • There is also an option to do a Summary only by Invoice

  1. The default columns are:
  • Type
  • Invoice Number 
  • Invoice Date
  • Customer Name
  • Salesperson
  • Sales Type
  • Item Type 
  • Item Description
  • Qty
  • Total Price 
  • Total Cost 
  • Total Profit 
  • Total Gross Pct (percentage)
Remember that you can remove or add additional columns by clicking User-added imageand selecting or deselecting.


If you pay your employees commission on parts sold, this report would provide you with a full break down of invoiced items which include profitability and salesperson