The Tax Detail Report will provide a breakdown of the sales taxes by individual tax rate

Running the Report

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click Reporting > Reports

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  1. From the Common Search > select Tax Detail

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  1. The search result will populate with the default parameters ie the date range of the previous month etc
We would  suggest that you review and change the parameters to suit your requirements

For example - you need a report for a specific Date Range and specific Tax Rates
  • All you would need to do is change the parameters by clicking on User-added image to open your options and then modify the parameters ie you would select and/or deselect from the Tax Rates to details list and also change your Date Range
Once you have finished changing your parameters, click on User-added image

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  1. Your new search result will now load as per your new parameters

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Remember you can do the following:
  • Select or deselect the columns you want to see in your search result by clicking on User-added image and make your selections

  • If you want specific totals, click on User-added image.  However we would recommend that you leave as is

  • If you want to Export or Print your search result > click on User-added image

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  1. If you are happy with the report setting, we would recommend that you save it so you can use it next time.

To do so, click on User-added image

You will be required to give the report a name and then next time this saved report will now be available to you in the Custom Search section

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