This Reporting Tips will show you how to see your Totals, Changing Columns, Changing Parameters and Exporting Search Results in your Blackpurl

Tip 1

Work out what you want to report on and then start with one of the Custom Searches as your basic report

For example if you want to run a Customer report - look for a Common Search about Customer details

User-added image


Once you have the basic report, you can change the parameters (date range or created by etc) by simply clicking on User-added image .

Maybe you want to change the date range or looking to report on created by date etc.

By clicking on the User-added image it will give you further options.

Click on User-added image for the new parameters to generate a new report.

User-added image


Once you have generates your report, change the columns to only show what you need.

Simply click User-added image and then select or deselect the relevant column you want or don't want

Click on User-added image for the amendments to the columns

User-added image

If you want to see Totals click on User-added image and it will list the totals relevant to the report you are running

Click on User-added image if you want to see more total options or remove the totals you don't need

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If you want to EXPORT / PRINT your report, click on User-added image

User-added image

If you want to select Totals to be included, click on User-added image

If you want the report to group specific items together, click User-added image

If you want to export to Excel (.csv) / PDF File / Printer,, click on User-added image and then select the relevant format that you want to export your report to from the dropdown. The system will go to another screen and then give the required format as a download

Then just click on User-added image or User-added image


If you like the report you generated and want to use it again next time, click on User-added image

The system will require ask you to give the report a name and then all your settings will be saved for next time in the Custom Search section.

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