This Report will show you Invoice Summary in your Blackpurl for a specific date range 

Running the Report

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click Reporting > Reports

User-added image

  1. From the Common Search > ReportingInvoice Summary

  1. Once you have run the report, you can change parameters and / or remove and add columns

Add or Remove Columns:

For example to change the report into one that will show you Invoice Profit, click on > then select column Invoice Profit and then click  User-added image


The system will refresh the search result and add a new column in your grid search result for Invoice Profit

This would also be a good time to add any additional columns you want ie Commission (this is the commission typed into the Unit Deal etc) OR untick any columns you don't want in your search result

Change Parameters:

If you want to change certain parameters ie date range, then click on  to open up your search filters and then just change as required

For our example below we are looking to change the date range for the report

  1. To see your Summary Total ie Invoice Profit column, click on User-added image


If you are happy with the parameters and columns in this report and you want to use the "same" report on a regular basis, why not save it as a Custom Search by clicking on 

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