This Report will show you All Vendor Orders in your Blackpurl

It is important that the Vendor Orders are reviewed on a regular basis

This  report will assist you to identify on which Vendor Orders that have:

  • been submitted but nothing has been received - you may need to contact the Vendor to check what is happening
  • been submitted but not all the items have been received (partial receiving only)
  • not yet been submitted 
  • been created in error and need to be deleted

1.  From the Blackpurl Header > Reporting > Reports 


User-added image

2.  Then Common Search > All Vendor Orders


User-added image

The default for this search is to show all Vendor Orders that are OPEN

But by clicking User-added image  then you can change the parameters ie only show Vendor Orders that have been SUBMITTED

For further information on how to clean up your Vendor Orders, review our article - Closing out Vendor Orders (VO) - Line Items which are Partial Received and Nothing Received