This is the Blackpurl Header and it is at the top of all Blackpurl screens. So what is it................?

User-added image

1.   Click on  User-added image at any time and it will take you back to the Blackpurl Home Page.

2.   Click on User-added image to start processing your Customer Order for Parts & Accessories / Start a Service or Repair Job / Sell A Unit or Start an Internal Service.

3.   Click on User-added image to list your ordering options - Unit Orders / Part Orders / Part Receivings / Part Returns / Part Invoices .

4.   Click on User-added image to take you to the Service Scheduler.

This will allow the business to plan their Technician's day / schedule service jobs etc. 

5.   Click on User-added image will give you the option of the Report section or one of the relevant dashboards.

6.   Click on User-added image to allow quick access to Payroll Clocking.

7.  Click on User-added image to allow quick access to the Job Clocking.

8.  Click on User-added image to allow quick access to the Cash Reconciliation section.

9.  Click on User-added image will list any other tools that are available.

The Blackpurl Header can only list so many shortcuts/tools especially if you are using a mobile device ie mobile or cellular phone or tablet.  All the Blackpurl Header tools will then become conveniently available by clicking in this section.

10.  Click on User-added image to list your Add New options - Customer / Vendor / Part / Labour Code / Kit / Fee / Stock Unit

11.  Click into User-added image  field and it will allow you several search options:

  • Just type what you are looking for and it will do a global search by searching all of Blackpurl and all databases.  
The search results may take a little while to load as it is searching the whole of Blackpurl.
  • If you want to narrow down your search, you can use keywords ie CO / Customer / Vendor / Merchandise etc.

Click into the search field and a list of common keyword will pop up.  

Once you click of the relevant keyword, then you can start typing your information.  

For example - I would like to search for the Customer:  Cathy Price.

To start > click into the search field and then click on User-added imagekeyword.
The system will narrow down the search to the Customer database only, making the search quicker and more efficient.

User-added image

Then type in the customer name you are searching for ie Cathy.
The search result will list any item in the Customer Database that matches Cathy.
It could be a customer or an email address or street address

User-added image

TIP:  Keywords also have shortcuts. If you know the shortcut you can use it.
For example instead of clicking on User-added image you could type the shortcut - Customer:
It will automatically load the keyword for you. This works very well for smaller shortcuts such as VO: or CO: 

If you want to conduct an advanced search (reports), click on User-added image and it will take you to the Blackpurl Sidebar Search screen for more in depth searches.

 User-added image 

12.  Click on User-added image if you need help as it will take you directly to the Blackpurl Knowledge Base - which will give you access to help articles and videos

13. Click on User-added image to bring up the options of System Settings and Logging out. 

Please note that some of these Blackpurl Header options will be restricted and need permission for access.
If you need access, please discuss this with your Manager.