This article will go through how a Dealership can manually import their own Vendor Price Files into Blackpurl


  • Do not use this functionality to just import a list of part numbers and part descriptions as this will mean that your Cost / Retail / MSRP will all be zero  

  • If the part record already exists in your Blackpurl and you import a Vendor Price File without having Cost / Retail Price / MSRP, it will zero out your Cost / Retail / MSRP

    If this happens 
    Blackpurl will be unable to restore your previous Cost / Retail / MSRP

  • Take care on how you open the csv file in Excel prior to importing especially if the part numbers have leading zeros

If you open up the file the incorrect way, the leading zeros can and will drop off and if you don't notice and import the file anyway, this means it will import with the incorrect part numbers - example: Import as 12563 when the part number is actually 0012563

  • Basically if you are unsure what you are doing and/or need assistance, contact Blackpurl Support 

  • If you do import the file BUT later you realise that there was an issue and a data fix is required to be done by Blackpurl, then this may be a billable expense to the Dealership



  1. The relevant Vendor must have already been created in Blackpurl
To create a new Vendor, review our article - How to Create / Add a New Vendor 

Do not have one Price File list that has parts for multiple Vendors - one Price File for one Vendor

  1. The Price File file format must be comma-separated values (.csv) file

 3.  The Price File must include as a minimum reference to the following columns: 

  • Part Number

  • Description

  • Cost 

  • Retail Price

  • MSRP

You may want the Retail Price and MSRP to be the same column and that is ok

  1. Please ensure that the Price File data is 'clean'

Examples of this: 

  • you will need to remove any columns that are not required 

  • you will need to delete any random words and/or characters

User-added image

  1. Please ensure that the columns for money ie Cost / Retail / MSRP, do not have dollar signs or indicate what currency etc - these must be removed as the Price File tool will return an error and they will not upload

For example:


            User-added image

Now that you have your Vendor Price File data file ready, please proceed to the next step


How to Import a Vendor Price File

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click on User-added image > then User-added image

User-added image

  1. Search for Vendor the Price File is for by clicking in Search for a vendor field and start typing the Vendor's name

User-added image

Once the relevant Vendor's name appears in the search result, click to select

  1. The Vendor will now list in the Select a vendor field and the add your Price File section will open up to Drag and Drop or click on User-added image to add your Price File

User-added image


  1. Once the Price File has been added, review / confirm the information on the screen:

User-added image

1. Review that the correct Vendor is listing (you can cancel out at any time)

2.  Review that the correct Price File is being imported

3.  Remove Price File if not the correct one

4.  Review and confirm if Field labels are located at Record 1 on the preview section (5.) to
(Field labels are column headers on the Price File Import File itself - see below)

5. Review the Preview of Price File to Import

Once reviewed click on User-added image to continue

  1. Time to do the Field Mapping

This is basically where the columns from the Price File are mapped to particular fields in Blackpurl

For example - this is a snapshot of our example Price File with the Field Labels / columns of Part No. / Description / Cost / Retail:

User-added image

But what do the columns correspond to in Blackpurl?

Field Mapping is where the system is told that the:

  • Part Number field in Blackpurl = the Part No. column (Column A) from the Price File

  • Description field in Blackpurl = the Description column (Column B) from the Price File

  • Item Cost field in Blackpurl = the Cost column (Column C) from the Price File

If you want markup or tiered pricing - see Additional Information at the bottom of this article

  • Retail field in Blackpurl = the Retail column (Column D) from the Price File

If you want markup or tiered pricing - see Additional Information at the bottom of this article

  • MSRP field in Blackpurl = as there is no MSRP on our Price File, you can select that the Retail column (Column D) from the Price File 


Just work your way down each Field Mapping field ensuring that the correct mapping is selected for each field

It maybe the case that there is nothing to map to a particular field - so just select NONE

User-added image

For a simple Price File such as our example above the mapping is very easy

But you may get a Price File with columns for Packaged Qty and Supersessions that will also need to be mapped

User-added image

Packaged Qty

If you have a Price File with a column that indicates there are Packaged Qty, you will need to map that column as well

Map the Package Qty field to what relevant column on your Price File and then provide the system with additional information about the Packed Qty

User-added image

The additional checkboxes are basically asking if the cost and price on the Price File you are uploading is per item and if you want to override the part package setting already on existing part records
For example - your Price File indicates that for Part # XYZ:
  • Cost - $10
  • Price / Retail Price - $15
  • It comes in as a package part of 10 items BUT Part # XYZ part record already exists in Blackpurl and it indicates that it is NOT a packaged part
Is the Cost and Price/Retail Price for a pack of 10 or is the Cost and Price/Retail Price per item?

Do you want to override the package part details on existing part records to now reflect what the Price File has?

If you are unsure how to answer the additional questions, contact the Vendor who supplied the Price File

Superseded Parts 

The mapping for Superseded parts will depend on your Price File

Does the superseded column indicate that the part has been superseded and it indicates the new superseded part number that is replacing it?

  • If so you will need to map the field Replaced by Part# to that column

Does the superseded column indicate that the part is the superseded part?
  • If so you will need to map the field Replaces Part# to that column

  1. Once you have finished the Field mapping, review the preview screen
Once you are happy with the Field mapping, click on User-added image

User-added image

  1. The system will ask for you to confirm the importing of the Price File into Blackpurl: 

User-added image

If you wish to proceed, click on User-added image

  1. Blackpurl will now import the Price File as per the Field Mappings that were provided and show the progress of the import:
User-added image
  1. Once the Price File import has finished, the system will confirm the results:

User-added image

Additional Information

  • Tiered Markup

If you are looking to add tiered Markup for MSRP and /or Retail, when mapping the columns, you will need to select Calculated Value instead of the column in the Price File 

A new section will open at the bottom of the page that you will need to fill out

For example:

The new section will require you, to fill out the relevant information ie markup tiers etc

  • If you have any issues in uploading the Price File, please email the Price File / Vendor details / what issue you had while importing to Blackpurl Support 

  • If you have Price Files that requires different parts to have different categories, then please contact Blackpurl Support with the Price File (in this instance there should be a column on your data file for Category and this should be completed) / Vendor details