The Unit Order is already in the system.

To learn how to process a Unit Order, review our article - How to Process a Unit Order 

The unit has now been received - this is how to process the receiving into Blackpurl.

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click User-added image > User-added image 
User-added image

  1. The List of Active Unit Vendors will appear.
Note that under each Vendor it will indicate how many units are on order.
User-added image
  1. In our example we want to receive a unit from the Vendor: BRP - roll your mouse over the relevant Vendor to bring up your options.
The options are to:
  • VIEW - it will list any units that are currently on order with BRP; or
  • ORDER UNIT - this will allow the processing of a unit order.
User-added image

As we are looking for the list of unit orders to select which order we are receiving against, we have clicked on VIEW
  1. A list of Orders will populate under two sections:
  • ACTIVE ORDERS - it will list any order that has not yet been receipted against
  • ORDER HISTORY - any order that is receipted against or cancelled.
From the ACTIVE ORDERS list, locate the Unit Order that needs to be received into stock then tick the receiving checkbox indicator on the relevant line.

User-added image

Then click on User-added image
TIP: If you are receiving multiple units at once, you can tick all the relevant line items and receive them all in one action. 
  1. The Unit Receiving screen will populate for you to enter in any missing details.
In our example below all we need to Enter VIN / Enter Invoice number / Invoice Date
User-added image

Then click on User-added image.
  1. The result is:
  • The unit is now in stock and available for sale
  • The Unit Order has now moved from the ACTIVE ORDERS section to the ORDER HISTORY section. 
  • If the dealership has accounting integration, the relevant Vendor Invoice details and stock value etc will be integrated into your accounting package.

   **Please note that Blackpurl will not allow you to receive a unit into stock at zero cost.